Girls Junior Varsity Song, Girls Varsity Song · Senior Shoutouts: Song

Kenzi Arnold:  Kenzi plans to attend a four year university and major in Elementary Education.  She is looking forward to the many new opportunities and experiences ahead.  Her favorite teacher at Canyon is Ms. D.  Her favorite class at Canyon was Mrs. Garcia’s English 10 H. Aside from dance, Kenzi loves to spend time at the beach or with friends and family.  Her advice to young dancers:  “Before you know it you’ll be graduating and moving on to your next chapter in life, so enjoy these memories while you can, and of course, work hard!!”

Congratulations Kenzi!

Alli Chu:  Ali is planning on attending a four year college and then attend graduate school.  She is currently undecided on her major.  Her favorite Canyon Song memory is: “…cheering for the basketball games, and performing in front of all my friends and family during halftime.”  Her favorite classes at Canyon were Dance Company and ASB. Her advice to younger dancers is:  “…to get involved as much as you can. Canyon high school has a ton of fun and exciting programs for all different interests, and you will definitely make some good memories with them like I did.”

Good luck next year Alli!

Faith Fackiner:  Faith plans on majoring in Nursing but is undecided on where she will attend.  Her favorite Canyon Song memory is: :”Being able to travel to Florida with the whole team and making it to Nationals.”  Her favorite Canyon teacher is Mr. Takacs and her favorite class was Physiology with Mr. Durham. Faith loves to snowboard, ride horses and go off-roading in her free time.  Her advice to younger dancers:  “Keep going even if you feel like stopping, the end is rewarding.”

Congratulations Faith!

Bella Velarde:  Bella plans on majoring in Business at a four year university.  Her favorite Canyon Song memory is:  “…cheering at the Villa Park basketball rival games every year. I love being apart of the loud and energetic student section and performing during halftime with my team.”  Her favorite Canyon teacher is Mrs. Payton and her favorite class was English with Mrs. Garcia.  In her free time, Bella loves to hang out with here friends and family.  Her advice to young dancers:  “Always show your teammates kindness and compassion because they are always going to be there for you when you need them the most.” 

Good luck next year Bella!