Multiple Teams · Athletic Department Awards – Athletes of the Year, Leadership and Greg Jones Awards


The Canyon Athletic Department Awards are given out at the end of the year.  Athletes are nominated by their coaches, and then each award is voted on by the entire coaching staff.

The recipients this year are:

Comanche Athlete of the Year:  Awarded to the athlete who had the most successful year in their respective sport(s).  The recipient is a positive role model for the school and community; while also possessing a tremendous work ethic, integrity, responsibility, and leadership.

Joseph Rouly – Football

Jake Martin – Basketball

Emma Hadley – CC/Track and Field

Kate Henderson – Soccer













Sportsmanship/Leadership Award:  This award is given to a senior varsity athlete that has been a leader, while exhibiting good sportsmanship during their entire athletic career at Canyon. Their attitude, effort, leadership and overall contribution to campus clubs and activities help create the ideal profile.

Nick Ramirez – Soccer

Dalton Gray – Water Polo

Mia Farrell – Basketball

Kylee Medlin – Soccer













Greg Jones Scholarship Award:  A memorial scholarship award offered to a senior varsity student who maximized their potential as an athlete and made a major contribution to their team as a result of their development.

Jake Porter – Track and Field

Jessica Schempp – CC/Track and Field








Congratulations to all the recipients of this year’s awards!