Multiple Teams · Senior Tributes – Swimming

Anthony Garcia


Anthony will be attending UC Santa Cruz and majoring in Planetary Science.  He is excited for all the new experiences to come.


Anthony’s favorite Canyon Swim memory is:  “PRing in the 100 fly during league finals.”


Congratulations Anthony!


Elizabeth Mullahey

Elizabeth will be attending Otis College of Art and Design in the fall.


Elizabeth’s favorite Canyon Swim memory is:  “…junior year where during swim season I got to meet some really cool people and in the end call them friends.”


Congratulations Elizabeth!


Justin Hussong


Justin will be attending UC Santa Barbara and majoring in Sociology.  Justin will also be on the UCSB swim team.

Justin’s favorite Canyon Swim memory is:  “Fresno travel trip and winning CIF freshman year.”



Good luck next year Justin!

Justin Chi





Congratulations Justin!


Kaela Gonzales

Kaela will be studying chemistry next year at college.


Kaela’s favorite Canyon Swim memory is:  “Cheering my teammates on when they race and team dinners!”



Congratulations Kaela!



Kayla Yamashiro






Congratulations Kayla!

Elena Singh





Congratulations Elena!


Eros Najera





Congratulations Eros!


Adam Throckmorto





Congratulations Adam!


Dalton Gray





Congratulations Dalton!


Kaya Barrett





Congratulations Kaya!


Kamille Kazarian





Congratulations Kamille!


Brittney Pino





Congratulations Brittney!


Luke Sa





Congratulations Luke!


Rachel Malo





Congratulations Rachel!


Mark Polunin





Congratulations Mark!

Steven Saavedra





Congratulations Steven!


Taylor Weber





Congratulations Taylor!


Tabitha Martinez





Congratulations Tabitha!