Multiple Teams · Senior Tributes – Track and Cross Country


Michael Camire – Track & Cross Country

Michael will be attending Grand Canyon University in the fall and majoring in Business.

Michael’s favorite memory from Canyon Track and Cross Country is: “Getting food after all the meets with my friends.”

Congratulations Michael!


Isabella Rubalcava – Track & Cross Country

Isabella will be attending UC Santa Cruz next year and will be studying Biology.

Isabella’s favorite Canyon Track & Cross Country memory is: “… going up to state my senior year for cross country and racing one of the last races with my teammates that I call my family.”

Good Luck at UC Santa Cruz!


Joshua Maguire – Track & Cross Country

Joshua will be attending Santiago Canyon College complete his general education requirements. He is hoping to major in history and teach high school.

“I’m looking forward to what college is gonna be like, I’m not sure what to expect but I know I’ll still be with some friends and hopefully make some new ones. Definitely looking forward to college cross country though. Sad to see my friends go but I’m looking forward to what they’re gonna do at their colleges.”

Joshua’s favorite Canyon Track & Cross Country memory is: “There’s a lot of memories to chose from, when I broke 5 flat in the mile or when my friend destroyed the competition in the mile. But I’d say my favorite track and field memory is from the duel meet against Villa Park.  It was a crazy day with lots of good energy in the air.”

Congratulations Joshua!

Jessica Schempp – Track & Cross Country

Jessica will be attending Cal State San Marcos in the fall and majoring in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Education.  She will be running distance for San Marcos.

Jessica’s favorite Canyon Track & Cross Country memory is: “ as the sun set at Woodbridge and breaking 19 for the first time in that race. This race was only the beginning of my climb towards varsity my junior year.”

Good Luck Jessica!

Jillian Para – Track & Cross Country

Jillian will be attending and running cross country at SCC next year. I am unsure what I want to do in the future, but I’m interested in all environmental related programs and courses.

Jillian’s favorite Canyon Track & Cross Country memory is: “During the last race of my senior year cross country season, I finished with a new personal record and had endless amounts of support coming from my teammates! That race and the overwhelming gratitude my team expressed will hold a special place in my heart.”

Congratulations Jillian!

Ashling Carr – Track & Cross Country

Ashling will be attending UC Santa Barbara and majoring in Biology.  She will also be running track and cross country for the Gauchos.

Ashling’s favorite Canyon Track & Cross Country memory is: “My favorite high school sport memory is our girls team getting 3rd at State for Cross Country my freshman year. “

Good Luck at UCSB Ashling!

Jackson Coney – Track & Cross Country




Congratulations Jackson!



Timothy Valle – Track & Cross Country





Good Luck Timothy!


Matthew Elizondo – Track

Matthew will be first attending OCC and then transferring to Chapman University.  He plans on pursuing a degree in music theory.

Matthew’s favorite Canyon Track memory is:  “Running the 4×4 (with some of my best friends) that decided whether we won league or not. We won and it was so hype and epic. It was also on my birthday!”

Congratulations Matthew!

Angel Ledezma – Track

Angel will be attending Cal Poly Pomona in the fall and studying landscape architecture.  Angel earned an athletic scholarship for track at Cal Poly.

Angel’s favorite Canyon Track memory is:  “Competing and winning league finals.”

Good luck at Cal Poly Angel!



Keane Bui – Track

Keane will be attending UCLA and majoring in Chemistry.

Keane’s favorite Canyon Track memory is: “Winning league”.

Congratulations Keane!



Ayanna Chawla – Track

Ayanna is going to college as a political science major. I’m really excited because I’ve been looking forward to college. I can’t wait for new experiences and to study something I’m very passionate about!

Ayanna’s favorite Canyon Track memory is: “My first track meet with my brother. I was more nervous for his races than mine haha.”

Good luck Ayanna!

Lauren Onestinghel – Track

Lauren is most likely attending Baylor University in the fall.  She is majoring in Biology on a premed track.

Lauren’s favorite Canyon Track memory is: “When I ran 12.63 and everyone ran up to me super excited. It was honestly the best day of my life and it felt like all of my hard work had paid off.”


Congratulations Lauren!

Suzi Hernandez – Track





Good luck next year Suzi!


Peter Cuevas – Track





Congratulations Peter!


Nick Bradford – Track & Cross Country





Good luck Nick!



Mo Bradley – Track

Mo will be attending Fresno Pacific in the fall studying Kinesiology. Mo will on the track team and throwing for the Sunbirds.

Mo’s favorite Canyon Track memory is: “welcoming his teammates to practice with a high-five and a smile!”

Congratulations Mo!

Jake Porter – Track

Jake will be attending UC Berkley and majoring in Business.  Jake will also be throwing discus and shot put for Cal.

Jake’s favorite Canyon Track memories are: “…locker room times with the boys and breaking the shot put school record at league finals.”



Good luck Jake!

Kenny Aladiume – Track





Congratulations Kenny!

Jonathan Cuesta – Track & Cross Country





Good luck Jonathan!

Jake Spillano – Track





Congratulations Jake!



Jackson Dooley – Track





Good luck Jackson!