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Lance Hahn

Lance will be attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia next year. He is undecided but leaning towards a psychology related fields. He is looking forward to moving out and learning how to be independent in a new city all the way across the country.

Lance’s favorite memory from Canyon Tennis :  “The banquets at the end of each year. Recapping every memory I made with my team, acknowledging the hard work some people put in and just celebrating another year of playing tennis with my teammates was always great with all the jokes and conversation.”

Congratulations Lance!


Roger Li

Roger will be attend USC and studying Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.


Congratulations Roger!





Sergio Barretto







Good luck Sergio!

Tom No

Tom will be attending Vanderbilt University and majoring in Biology.  He will be switching to MicroBiology after taking several required classes.  Tom is looking forward to campus life and meeting new people :^D


Tom’s favorite memory from Canyon Tennis:  “The banquets were always fun because I’d be able to undo all my progress on trying to get fit all in the span of one day :)”


Congratulations Tom!

Sean Nguyen





Good luck next year Sean!



Ryan Kien





Congratulations Ryan!



Ansh Patel






Good luck next year Ansh!


Patrick Feeny





Congratulations Patrick!



Kianoosh Chang






Good luck Kianoosh!


Kyle Rhee







Congratulations Kyle!

Joshua Cheung






Good luck Joshua!


Ethan Ong

Ethan will be attending USC in the fall and majoring in Health and Human Sciences.

Ethan’s favorite Canyon Tennis memory is: “When me, Kevin Park, and Eugene Setiadi qualified for the CIF tournament as freshmen.”



Congratulations Ethan!

Eugene Setiadi






Good luck Eugene!


Kevin Park

Kevin will be attending Cal State University at Fullerton in the fall and majoring in Kinesiology.

Kevin’s favorite Canyon Tennis memory is: “My favorite memory in tennis was playing a tournament in Ojai with Roger. It was a really competitive tournament and we did better than we expected.”

Congratulations Kevin!


Matthew San Pedro







Good luck Matthew!

Mohamad Ruda






Congratulations Mohamad!


Jameson Cai







Good luck Jameson!