Comanche News · All-Weather Track and Turf Fields Coming to Canyon!

At last night’s board meeting, the OUSD school board approved the plans to move forward with the renovation of Fred Kelly Stadium (due to ADA compliance issues).

More importantly for Canyon High School, the board approved the plans to install a new all-weather track and turf field at Canyon High School (as well as Villa Park and Orange High School).  The time frame for completion is anywhere from 6-13 months depending on DSA (Department of State Architects) requirements.  The actual installation time once work starts is about 3 months start to finish.  

We would like to thank Comanche student-athletes, Penelope Hocking or Dylan Porter, for their exceptionally powerful and moving speeches to the OUSD school board in favor of the installation of the all-weather track and turf field at the 3 additional OUSD high schools.  With both of them being seniors, they won’t even be able to enjoy the field, but they gave up their time to come and speak at the meeting that lasted well past 10:00! We are proud to call you both Comanches. An additional, thanks to OUSD’s high school administrations, athletic departments, coaches, parents, students and community members who came to the meeting to speak/support and those who wrote letters in support of this agenda item.

Thank you to the OUSD school board and district personnel for their votes and efforts in moving forward with these essential school and community projects!