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Comanche News · October Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Lauren Chuang and Josh Tarango for earning the October Comanche Athlete of the Month! These two athletes have performed above and beyond expectations, and we would like to recognize their tremendous accomplishments! Here is a rundown of what these two athletes have achieved in October:

Lauren Chuang: Lauren Chuang is a senior at Canyon and has been playing varsity tennis since her freshman year. Lauren plays #1 for Canyon Girls Varsity North Hills League Champions is undefeated in all of her single matches during the month of October with the record of 16-0. She also won the North Hills League Individual Singles Title going 4-0 and was named North Hills Most Valuable Singles Player. Lauren got into tennis through the fact that she wanted to beat her brother at it. Lauren states her favorite thing about tennis is that “it can be a individual sport and team sport.” She is a singles player yet, she enjoys being part of a high school team. Her favorite moment is Canyon winning all 6 spots in individual CIF and they all playing against each other in the final round. She is everything we look for in a dedicated student-athlete at Canyon High School.

Josh Tarango: Josh Tarango is a senior captain on the football team and had an outstanding football season this year. As a defensive tackle and tight end, Josh has recorded 46 tackles and 2 touchdowns over the season. In addition, he also had 6 sacks, 8 quarterback hurries, 2 caused fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and 9 tackles for loss. Josh got into football through his friends and people who made the game more enjoyable for him. Josh states his favorite thing about football is “the competitive nature of the game.” His favorite moment is making memories with his teammates at every single game. We are so lucky to have a hard-working athlete representing the Comanches.


Congratulations to these tremendous athletes!