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Multiple Teams · Week of Giving ~ Nov 27 through Dec 1

Help us Raise $800,000 to renovate Canyon High School’s Gym!

During the week of November 27 through December 1, 2017, the Canyon High School Foundation will be sponsoring the “Canyon High School Week of Giving” funding campaign.  For one week, we are encouraging our students, families, staff, alumni, community leaders, local businesses, and all residents of Anaheim Hills and Orange to show their “Commitment to the C” and make a tax-deductible donation to help raise the funds to renovate our 44-year-old gym. If we receive 2,400 donations of $333.00 we can reach our financial goal in a week.

All families and businesses donating $333 or more will receive special name recognition on our donor wall in the renovated gym.

Why is it Important?

  • The gym is 44-years old and is in need of significant repairs.
  • We need to replace aging bleachers with an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant design that includes handrails and wheelchair seating.
  • Create a safer and more competitive experience by replacing damaged flooring with new wooden flooring.
  • Update the overall aesthetics of the gym which serves the entire student population and is the heart of all school activities.
  • Provide a better and more accessible evacuation site for the Anaheim Hills/Orange Community.
  • Letter to the Community
  • Week of Giving Flyer

Why Can’t We Use Measure ‘S’ Funds for Renovation?

Per the guidelines set forth in the bond resolution, Measure S funds will be focused on renovation of the educational environment at Canyon, i.e. classrooms. While gyms, pools, and fields are all used as educational spaces, the funding priorities are to create science labs that meet current safety and classroom requirements, as well as remove portable classrooms from the campus.

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Current Photos of the Gym Interior

Gym Door Paint  Bleacher Damage  Split Wood Flooring

Flooring Damage  Wall Repair  Playing Surface Damaged